Arrest warrant chris bennetts false allegations

1 May

I have been the target of a known internet troll and Cyber Stalker for a number of years now who has published many false allegations about me, and dozens of other expats in the Philippines. In the past I worked with a number of other expats to get the false allegations removed including the many fake accounts and profiles he uses.

We were successful at getting just about everything removed only to see him rebuild them again on other web addresses. For him it was a game and we all decided to stop playing his game.

Unfortunately some of the allegations have caused me grief and a few days ago they reared their ugly head again when I client came across them. For this reason I have decided to make a couple of videos to put them to rest for good.

In this first video I will deal with the arrest warrant and provide conclusive evidence that the allegation that I am a wanted criminal. I will show that the arrest warrant did exist for a short period in 2009 and that when I found out about it, I dealt with it immediately in a court of law and had the case dismissed.

The nature of the arrest warrant was a simply a vendetta from a vindictive ex-girl friend. The charges related to not paying child support and stalking. My ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend disappeared with my child after I made the first monthly payment of 50,000 pesos. My attempts to locate my child are the basis for the charge of stalking which is laughable.

I am forced to put publish this but do not want to open old wounds with my ex-girlfriend and her partner. I now have a new family, and from what I understand they still together and now living in Thailand.

I think this quote sums up much of our previous experience:

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”


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Blog Your Book in 30 days

7 Apr

Just read an article on how to turn your blog article in to a book in 30 days and its very good.  In fact its too good and I think Jacqui gives too much away too freely.  It has inspired an article from me.

If you are interested in turning your blog articles into an book then check it out now.





7 Apr

Was asked to read an article about what to do if you confidence takes a nose dive.  Each day we encounter challenges that have the potential to knock us down.  It’s all about how we choose to respond and this is what the article addresses.  My NLP training years ago gave me some tools and techniques to better handle such situations and as I read this article I am reminded of them.  This article is spot on and the tips provide a great.


Read the article here:

40 Things to do in the Seyshelles

6 Apr

The Seychelles is going on my list of must visit places.


I did #9  – swimming with whale sharks in Cebu Philippines.



See the full list of 40 things here:

How to improve Self Esteem

6 Apr

I do not need criticism from others as I am already my own worst critic and bash myself up way too much. I do not consider myself to have a low self esteem but the 10 points suggestions in this article apply to everyone.


25 Metre Special Purpose Vessel

22 Jan

This is a very unique vessel built in Japan that that has huge potential as either a spacious live abroad home, a floating restaurant or party boat. The boats is very well maintained and in excellent condition. There is currently a spa room featuring a Jacuzzi and spa bath. The vessel is also currently equipped to accommodate wheel chair passengers including internal elevator and disabled toilets.

Starboard fwd

Join in the fun of the Fluvial Parade – get the best view in Cebu

15 Jan

Be part of the largest event in Cebu !


Book a private Boat or Join the Party Boat 1 person or 20 person your welcome!

Witness the Fluvial Parade as we dock under the Marcelo Fernan Mactan Bridge (New bridge) and enjoy the boats passing by celebrating the Sinulog Festival!

Join us in the sound of drums beating and trumpets roaring in the wee hours of the morning. Here the ship’s bullhorns, sirens and yells from the Sto. Nino boatsmen while watching vibrance of the decorated motorboats sailing by our 72 foot double deck catamaran.

We have the best seat on the water at a crows nest few!

Get to know new friends and party on the yacht (4am – 8am) ! after all, that’s what it is made for!

Hear the sounds and excitement while aboard the “Jokai 1” Motor yacht.


Boarding Tickets now available. Book now in advance P1000.00 per head .

Call Jo Jamero +63 905 404 0901
David FPoley +63 917 311 6836
Shenia Amistad +63 998 966 4868

January 16, 2016 (Saturday)
4:00 A.M : Yacht Boarding Begins from Cebu Yacht Club
6:00 A.M. : Fluvial Procession of 100’s vessels displaying the Miraculous Image of the Sto. Niño
8:00 A.M. : The entire Parade has passed and we will start our return back to Cebu Yacht Club.


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